Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History


This section includes photographs of cargo vessels at Swansea.

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Fredavore arriving with a cargo of pit-props in 1924

Pareora discharging zinc concentrates at No. 4 Quay, Swansea, in1928

SS Penmarch on Kings Dock Lock approach jetty - 1925

SS San Carlos loading scrap, A shed wharf, Kings Dock - 1930'S

Blue Funnel cargo liner Ulysses loading general cargo at ‘A’ Shed, Swansea, in 1933

Copacabana on Graigola Wharf, Swansea, on October 12th to October 28th, 1942

The Emily Barrett carried grain from Weavers Flour Mills in the North Dock Basin, Swansea, to Bideford and Barnstable in the 1950’s and early 1960’s

m.v. ‘Pieter S’ approaching ‘D’ Shed Wharf, Swansea, in the mid-1950’s

Tug Brockenhurst leading the Blue Funnel cargo liner Agapenor out of Swansea Docks (1950’s)

m.v. ‘Indus’ on No. 4 Quay, Swansea, in the mid-1950’s

Ships in the Kings Dock, Swansea, in 1956. The small coaster in the foreground is the Ballygilbert, a regular visitor to the port

m.v. Clan Menzies berthed at ‘B’ Shed, Swansea in 1962

SS City of Winnipeg (Ellerman Line) with tug Brockenhurst in Kings Dock - 1958

SS City of Khartoum (Ellerman Line) on D Shed Wharf, Kings Dock - 1960

SS American Harvester and tug Waterloo approaching Kings Dock Lock - C.1960

German coaster 'Wiedau departing Swansea Docks - 1960's

MV Carl Fisser on D Shed wharf, Kings Dock - 1962

MV Surrey (Federal Steam Navigation Co.) loading cargo, D Shed wharf - 1962

Alexandra’s tugs assisting the Blue Funnel cargo liner Dolius towards the lock entrance at Swansea (1960’s)

Local sand boat Glen Hafod in Swansea Bay, with the bucket dredger David Davies in the background. (early 1960’s)

m.v. Ostfriesland at No. 4 Quay, Swansea, in 1962

Pictured on D Shed Wharf is Houlder Bros. cargo liner Westbury, built by Burntisland Shipbuilding Ltd. in 1960 and broken up in 1983. To the right is the m.v. Halifax City (1960’s)

MV Dalla (Elder Demster Line) on D Shed wharf, Kings Dock and coaster Juliana - 1964

Finnish coaster 'Tellus' heading across Kings Dock - 1965

m.v. City of Melbourne being manoeuvred by Alexandra’s tugs in Kings Dock, Swansea (1960’s)

Berthed at No.4 Quay is the Norwegian vessel ‘Northolt’ on charter to the Bristol City Line. The semi-portal cranes on the Mole (left) were scrapped in 1976 and ‘M’ Shed (top right) was demolished in 1981

MV Rubens with tug Waterloo heading for Kings Dock Lock - C.1966

MV Ruahine (New Zealand Shipping Co.) loading general cargo & embarking approx, 300 passengers bound for New Zealand - 1967

m.v. Petrostranda in Kings Dock Lock, Swansea, in 1967

Ships on C Shed Wharf (left) and a ship on B Shed Wharf (right) in the early 1970’s

MV Viola heading for Kings Dock Lock - 1970

Dutch coaster 'Jacob Teekman' approaching Kings Dock Lock - 1970

The stern of the Chaulk Tenacity with the sun rising over the Queens Dock. Photo: Matthew Jones

m.v. ‘Axionestin’ loading a cargo of steel at ‘D’ Shed Wharf, Swansea (1980’s)

Cyclops on D Shed Wharf

m.v Log Bergen berthed at ‘N’ Shed Wharf, Swansea (1980’s)

German-registered cargo ship Martha Peters on Graigola Wharf, Kings Dock c.1968

The Indian vessel Vishva Parag, heading for Swansea Docks in 1994, was listing badly and thought to be in danger of sinking. As a precaution she was beached at West Cross for an inspection of the hull, and later floated off and safely docked

MV State of Orissa (left) & another India-owned ship in Kings Dock - C.1990

MV Vishva Karuna & tug Alexandra in Kings Dock Lock - C.1995

Worthing in Scherzer Passage Kings Dock

Tug Boat Chieftain and the City of Bristol in the Prince of Wales Dock 1997

Holstenau at G Shed Wharf Prince of Wales Dock

Glen Hafod in North Dock Basin

Dolius, Juno & Cote de Grace II at A Shed Wharf

Agia Sofia arriving at Swansea with a cargo of pit-props c.1962

Pakistan-registered ship Al Amin on No.14 Hoist, Kings Dock c.1960

Cypriot vessel Astro Mariner under the Kings Dock coal hoists - 1975

Yugoslavian ship Cavtat on N Shed Wharf, Kings Dock c.1970

City of Hull (Ellerman Line) on A Shed Wharf, Kings Dock c.1960

Clan Macgillivray (Clan Line) approaching Kings Dock lock entrance c.1965

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