Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Shipping - Tankers

An unidentified John Harker tanker departing Swansea c.1955

Everard’s tanker ‘Averity’ was a regular visitor to Swansea in the 1950’s

British Pilot leaving Swansea, assisted by tug Gower c.1955

BP Distributor heading out across Swansea Bay c.1958

Border Regiment on Palmers Repair Jetty, Queens Dock c.1960

Teesfield entering Swansea Docks, assisted by tug Clyneforth c.1960

Coastal tanker Shell Steelmaker in Kings Dock, Swansea c.1962

Border Castle leaving Queens Dock, assisted by tug Sloyne c.1962

British Gull leaving Queens Dock, Swansea assisted by tug Wallasey c.1965

British Vine departing Swansea assisted by tug Waterloo c.1965

Asprella finally heading for the locks after grounding in Swansea's main entrance channel c.1968

Everard tanker Candourity approaching Kings Dock lock entrance c.1968

‘Shell Glassmaker’ heading for the Kings Dock Lock Entrance (1960’s)

m.v. Ben Bates departing Swansea Docks (1960’s)

Border Falcon in Queens Dock c.1970

British Reliance on a lay-by berth in Queens Dock 1973

Halcyon Days entering Swansea Docks 1973

m.v.Activity in the pictured in the Kings Dock Lock in 1978

m.v. ‘Oilman’ departing through Kings Dock Lock Swansea (1980’s)

Benline tanker Benvenue leaving Swansea c.1982

Stolt Kestrel in Queens Dock c.1995

Bernd in the Kings Dock Lock

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