Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Engineering Staff at play


Retired Staff gathering outside the Harbour Office for their summer trip in the late 1970s. Included in the picture are :- Keith Langdon, George Lloyd, Gerry Egan, Eric Griffiths, Dick Sandry, Sam Jackson, Tommy Lloyd, Jack Charlesworth, John Watchman, Charlie Thomas, Charlie James, Billy Owen, Wally Evans, Tom O’Reiley, Len Vaughan, Danny Phillips, Ronnie Guy, Harry Rees, George Snell, Ron Davies, Teddy Otten, Mog Griffiths and Dick Jones.

S.I.W.C.L. - Division 2 Runners up. - B T Docks C C 1972. Back Row :- Norman Ace,Billy Ashford, Danny Harrington, B Hoskins, Clive Rees, Adrian Uren. Front Row :- Bill Lewis, Brian Salmon, John Williams, John Evans, John Harrington.

Swansea Docks Engineering Dept football tournament early 1980's. Front row :- Andrew Shakeshaft, Steve Evans, Jimmy Dougal, Willy Schreeve, Gregory Grove Back row :- Paul Smith, Alan Dicataldo, Richie King.

Glyn White. (He grew an apple weighing 30 ozs.)

Len Isaac, Gwyn Williams and George Doig.

Colin Roberts, Paul Smith, Viv Howells, Phil Davies, G T Evans and Gareth Evans.

Will Finn, Terry Williams, Ivor Lewis and John Allnutt.

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