Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Swansea Docks Engineering Staff retirements

Engineering staff retirements and severance are shown here.


Stan Charlesworth’s retirement presentation Left to right:- Jim Hanson, Huw Williams, Brian Flower (Port Engineer), Terry Davies, Jeff Manning, Bill Lewis, Stan Charlesworth, Graham Green and Kevin Hughes.

Bill Lewis Mechanical Engineer retires Sept 1990

Left to right :- Brian Davies, Paul Smith, Viv Howells, Dennis Jones, Peter Lodwig, Jeff Lye, Bill Lewis, Ivor Lewis, Cyril Randel and Phil Dorrell.

Viv Howells’ retirement

Retirement of Peter Lodwig and Ivor Lewis

Jeff Manning retires in 2001. Left to right:- Ron Dillon, Capt. Mike Ingamells, Brian Davies, Colin Sheppard, Mike Salvatori, Terry Morgan, Alan Knight, Paul Smith, Kevin Hughes, Mike James, Keith Hawkes, Jeff Manning, Jeff Lye, Steve Noble and Cyril Randal.

Jeff Lye's retirement presentation at the Harbour Office, Swansea, on the 10th December 2009. The presentation was made by Clive Thomas, Deputy Port Manager, South Wales Ports, in recognition of Jeff's 49 years' service with ABP and its predecessors.

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