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‘Fredavore’ arriving with a cargo of pit-props in 1924

‘Pareora’ discharging zinc concentrates at No. 4 Quay, Swansea, in1928

The ships shown below, the ‘Bolbec’ and the ‘Glanowen’, belonged to
 Harries Bros. & Co. of Pembroke Buildings, Swansea.

s.s. ‘Bolbec’ owned by Harries Bros. of Swansea

s.s. ‘Bolbec’ approaching the Swansea lock entrance (1930’s)

Another view of the s.s. ‘Bolbec’ (1930’s)

Another Harries Bros. ship, the ‘Glanowen’

Empire Peggotty was a 2,066-GRT collier which was built by Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd, Grangemouth. Launched on 25 April 1944 and completed in July 1944. Sold in 1946 to Harries Bros & Co Ltd, Swansea and renamed Glanowen. Sold in 1965 to Balmoral Shipping Corporation, Liberia and renamed Balmoral. Operated under the management of Transocean Maritima S M Bull SA, Spain. Ran aground on 12 March 1967 in Weser Estuary in bad weather. Broke in two on 5 April 1967, bow section salvaged and towed to Bruges for scrapping, where it arrived on 12 October 1967.

Mr. Ted Purcell, who used to work for Harries Bros., has kindly provided us with the following information:-

I was a customs clerk at Harries Bros., Pembroke Buildings, between 1956 and 1959. At that time Harries Bros. owned the ‘Bolbec’ and the ‘Glanowen’. As well as Pembroke Buildings, Harris Bros. also owned L & G Tulloch & Co. and James Ship Stores, both of which were in Pier Street. Owen L. Harries was the owner and managing director, and the manager was Colonel H. L. Hyett, assisted by John M. Henry. The accountant and company secretary was Mr Ken Packe and the surveyor was Mr. Preece.”

“The ‘Bolbec’ was skippered by Captain Cleverly who, if I remember correctly, lived at Gwydr Crescent, Uplands, Swansea, and the master of the ‘Glanowen’ was Capt. Bie, but I cannot recall where he lived. Although Harries Bros. was a small firm, we were always very busy with agency work.”

Ships owned by Harris Bros and lost at sea



ss Bloomfield

1820  Cargo 1437 tons Air raid       1941

ss Lin O Dee

1883 Cargo 497 tons Ran aground       1910

ss Alacrity

1883  Cargo 1080 tons Mine       1916
ss Glynymel 1890  Cargo 1394 tons explosives       1917
ss Eleanor 1912  Cargo 1277 tons Ran aground       1922
ss Llwyngwair 1913 Cargo 1304 ton Torpedo       1918
ss Amiens 1918 Cargo 1548 tons Air raid       1941
ss Glanrhyd 1924 Cargo 1525 tons Foundered







Below are photos of the ‘Runnelstone’, the Berylstone’ and the ‘Menastone’, owned by Stone & Rolfe Ltd. of Swansea & Llanelly

s.s. ‘Runnelstone’ at Swansea in the 1930’s

s.s. ‘Runnelstone’ under way (1930’s)

s.s. ‘Berylstone’ (1930’s)

s.s. ‘Menastone, (1930’s)

We would like to thank Dave Williams for providing us with photographs
 of the ‘Berystone’, the ‘Menastone’, the ‘Bolbec’ and the ‘Glanowen’.

Afon Gwili

The two ships above were owned by Mrs Coombs of Llanelli. the top one is the 'Afon Gwili' and the bottom one the 'Empire Marksman' ex  'Afon Morlais'. Both were regular traders to Swansea
Our thanks to Dave Williams for the photos)


Blue Funnel cargo liner ‘Ulysses’ loading general cargo at ‘A’ Shed, Swansea, in 1933

‘Copacabana’ on Graigola Wharf, Swansea, on October 12th to October 28th, 1942

Everard’s tanker ‘Averity’ was a regular visitor to Swansea in the 1950’s

The ‘Emily Barrett’ carried grain from Weavers Flour Mills in the North Dock Basin, Swansea, to Bideford and Barnstable in the 1950’s and early 1960’s

m.v. ‘Pieter S’ approaching ‘D’ Shed Wharf, Swansea, in the mid-1950’s


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