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On the left is Kings Dock shed foreman Albert Edward Palmer
 pictured in March 1945. Mr Palmer began his career with
 the GWR at Swansea Docks in the 1930's.
We would like to thank his son David for providing
 us with these photographs and the  the letter below


Letter sent by Dock Manager E A C Howells to shed foreman Albert Edward Palmer (pictured above) in recognition
of Mr. Palmer’s first aid assistance to T J Kiley following an accident in B Shed on 20th November 1962

A photo of Mr. Palmer standing alongside an imported Mack truck can be seen on page 3 of the Dockers & Cargo section

Some of the dockers at Alberts retirement function
Fourty years on Swansea Docks, Cargo Foreman Albert Palmer received a wallet and some notes
from the chief Docks foreman Mr. Syd Osboren on behalf of his workmates

George Thomas (Lord Tonypandy) talking to the dockers on D Shed Wharf

Chief Docks Manager W Jeffers presenting retirement awards on the 29th September 1958 in the Boardroom of the Harbour Office, Swansea. Second from left is Shunter Ernie (Ernest Edward) Beynon whose son Alan (also a Shunter in later years) kindly provided us with this photo, third from left is Permanent Way Inspector Bill Lewis; sixth from left is Charles Devonald; ninth from left
is Cyril Guppy; tenth from left is Mr Jeffers, and on the far right of the picture is
Shunter Leslie Voyle

Back row from the left:- Len Stevens,  Bill Faraday, David Vaughan, Sam Evans, Fred Baker,
 Peter Dailey and Ron Watchman. Front row from the left:- Bessie Bevan, Louvain Cooze,
Dick Armor, Connie Cooper and Arthur Evans.

Office trip to Ascot Races in 1948.
In the photo are Des Camm,  Hugh Jones, Arthur Evans, George Elford, Connie Cooper,
 Bessie Bevan, Louvain Cooze, T.R. Dovell and Miss Williams.
(Can anyone supply any more names?)


Docks Manager E A C Howells making a presentation to Mr. Albert Hopkins
upon his retirement
in 1962.
Also included, from left to right, are:- Les Thomas, Kay John, Horace Balsdon,
Unknown, Bryn Henson, Hugh Jones, Olive Berry, Unknown, Cyril Jenkins, Bill Boatfield,
Unknown, Beryl Cole and and Bill Faraday


Above is a copy of Albert Hopkins' retirement certificate, together with a cutting from the South Wales Evening Post dated 14th September 1962

Mr. Albert Hopkins pictured in 1948

Capt. Haydn, retired Swansea Dockmaster,
pictured at Langland


Swansea Docks function in the Canopic Grill, Mumbles, in the late 1950's. Seated third from the left is Docks Manager W A C Morris, and standing centre of the photo is Bessie Bevan

Docks Manager E A C Howells presenting a Retirement Certificate in the Harbour Office Boardroom, Swansea (c.1960)
Included in the photo are Capt. Lew Rowe (Dockmaster) and Mr. Albert Hopkins

A group of docks staff outside the Harbour Office in Adelaide Street Swansea.
Albert Hopkins is second from the right.

Docks staff pictured on the Harbour Office steps in May, 1952.
Included in the photo are Hubert Charles, Albert Hopkins, Bryn Henson, Tom Jones,
 Louvaine Cooze and Les Thomas.


Staff outside the Rates & Accounts Office on the Prince of Wales Dock.
 Albert Hopkins is second from the right


Swansea Docks staff on an outing, location unknown.
Standing on the left is Bill Faraday, and seated in front of Bill is Louvain Cooze,
who would later become Mrs. Faraday. Albert Hopkins is standing third from the left


We would like to thank former Swansea H M Customs Officer Peter Hopkins for the above
 documents and photographs relating to his father, Mr Albert Hopkin

Bessie Bevan with Chief Docks Manager Tommy Roberts at Swansea Ferryport in 1969

Bessie Bevan's retirement presentation in 1982

Kneeling left, Suzanne Boyd and right, Hilary Hughes

Front row, left to right:-  Betty Badwick, Hazel Ball, Bessie Bevan,
Wendy Williams, Karen Williams & Lesley Phillips

Back row, left to right:- Pat Wallis, Maureen Luxton, Maureen Thomas, Connie Nichols,
 Pat Jones, Denise Jewel, Jacqui Harris & Christine Johns

Left to right :- Dic Williams, Tom Wilkinson (Port Manager),
Bessie Bevan, Brian Flower and Bob Collins.

Bill Boatfield, Swansea’s Traffic & Coal Shipping Officer,
 retired in 1975 after 50 years service with BTDB and its
predecessor, the Great Western Railway

Bill King, who retired in 1980, was appointed Docks Manager,
Swansea in 1967 and became Docks Manager, Swansea &
 Port Talbot upon the amalgamation of both ports in 1971

Docks Engineer Keith Langdon is presented with a leaving gift in 1973 upon his appointment
to the position of Chief Docks Engineer, South Wales Ports

Left to right :- Brian Flower, Terry Davies, Keith Langdon, Jim Hanson, Ken Shaw,
Bessie Bevan, Bill Lewis and Don Boot

Docks Manager Bill King presents a leaving gift to Mechanical Engineer Stan Wakefield upon
his appointment to the post of Docks Engineer, Ayr & Troon (c.1965)

Left to right:- Fred Saunders, Dick Jones, Ken Shaw, Don Booth, Bill King, Kay John, Jim Hanson,
 Rae Allsopp, Stan Wakefield, (unknown), Haydn Davies, Myrna Williams, Keith Langdon,
Terry Davies, Ray Howells, Bessie Bevan, Frank Fordham, Susan Bellamy, Russell George,
 Cyril Jenkins and Capt. Jack White.


The photo on the left was sent in by Vicki.


I have just tripped across your site by accident as I was looking forarchive docks photos. I have been given a copy of a picture of the Docks' supervisors at their annual dinner in the Langland Court Hotel in November 1964. It’s only a photocopy but I have done my best to take a photo of it, and have attached it for inclusion in your website. Hope it comes in useful.


Best wishes - Vicki


The man in the back row on the left, the only one wearing a dickie bow, is R F Morris (Frankie). Not sure who the next two men are but then you have Bill Morris, his brother. In the middle row, second from left was Macavoy(?), then next to him Robinson the 'bossman', possibly Peter? Not sure who next chap is, but the next one is Derek Morris. Sitting down is Peter Jones on left, and Jimmy Price(?). I hope this helps jog a few memories. The copy of the photo was recently given to my mother by Peter Jones.


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