Retired Section Swansea Docks


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The photos on the next two pages of the SA1 Development
has been kindly given to us by Ken Dickinson,

We thank him for his contribution

J Shed before renovation.

Preparing for renovation

Group enjoying the sun

Barrage with the South Dock in the background

Reinforcing bars for the foundation

Steel structure being erected

D Shed from across the Prince of Wales Dock

New building with the West Pier in the background

View of the Prince of Wales Dock and Kings Dock

East and West Pier and the ferry on the link-span bridge

The South Dock Pilot House (now an angling centre)

View of the piers from St Thomas

The Ice House (to become a restaurant)

New walkway along the Prince of Wales Dock

Carriage for the lock gate maintenance

Reclaimed land


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