Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Swansea Canal – Photo Update

The following photographs were taken on the 26th September 2008 by Ivor Lewis and Ian Rogerson, kindly assisted by Mike Oliver who, as a young man some 40 years earlier, appears in two of the photos on the previous pages. The photos on this page show sections of the Swansea Canal that remain at Clydach and Pontardawe, and illustrate some of the changes that have taken place since Gareth Mills photographed the canal in the early 1960’s.

Clydach aquaduct, carrying the canal over the Lower Clydach river

Clydach aquaduct viewed from the opposite bank of the River Tawe

Top of the Clydach aquaduct.

View downstream from Clydach aquaduct

View upstream from the aquaduct

View approaching the canal bridge at Clydach

Bridge over the canal at Clydach

Looking downstream from the canal bridge at Clydach

Mond Nickel Works viewed from the canal bridge at Clydach

View approaching the bridge at Herbert Street, Pontardawe

Bridge over the canal at Herbert Street, Pontardawe

Looking back towards the Herbert Street bridge, Pontardawe

Swansea Canal and St Peters Church, Pontardawe

Swansea Canal viewed from the bridge at Holly Street, Pontardawe

Turning circle on the canal at Pontardawe.

Click here for the Gareth Mills photos of the canal route, taken in the early '60s