Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Alexandra's Steam Tugs

Waterloo (built 1899)

Albert (built 1902) towing the schooner James E Newsom into Swansea Docks in 1937

Cambrian (built 1903 as Wallasey) in Port Talbot Docks

Harrington (built 1903) heading out into Swansea Bay

Alexandra (built 1907) wrecked off Orkney in October 1915

Benson (built 1908 as Egerton) crossing Swansea Bay

Brockenhurst (built 1913 as the first Gladstone)

Langland (built 1916 as the second Gladstone) passing Swansea's East Pier

Neath (built 1917) heading for Swansea's Kings Dock lock entrance

Sloyne (built 1928) in the River Tawe with burnt-out Liverpool trawler Allegiance - 1965

Mumbles (built 1929 as Beemore) passing Swansea's East Pier

Murton (built 1929 as Ceemore) heading out into Swansea Bay

Margam (built 1930) heading for the Kings Dock lock entrance

Brambles (built 1942 as Empire Teak)

Caswell (built 1943 as Empire Sybil) passing Swansea's West Pier

Flying Kestrel (built 1943 as Empire Mascot) berthed at C Shed, Kings Dock, Swansea

Formby (built 1951) in Kings Dock, Swansea

Margam (built 1952 as Caedmon Cross) in Queens Dock, Swansea

Canning (built 1954) assisting mv City of Dundee in Kings Dock, Swansea

Wallasey (built 1954) in Kings Dock, Swansea

Waterloo (built 1954) heading out of Swansea Docks

North Wall (built 1958) & North Buoy (built 1959) renamed for sale to Italian owners

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