Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Docks Railways

Painting of a 28xx class at Burrows Sidings. artist - Richard Picton

East Dock Railway Station

East Dock Station 1949. The monkey bridge crossing the lines can be seen on the left

East Dock Engine Shed with St Thomas Church in the background

Entrance to Swansea East Dock shed 1963/64

King's Dock Junction 1930s.

Burrows Junction Signal Box in the 1930s

Danygraig Engine Shed taken in 1951

Danygraig Engine Shed taken on 24th of October 2008. Now being used as a chemical warehouse

Swansea East Dock branch, 1989. This view looking east from Port Tennant on the eastern suburbs of Swansea shows the Swansea East Dock branch. In the centre of the shot can be seen Crumlin Bog Level Crossing with the storage sidings for Port Tennant Wagon Works beyond. The works being served by a spur just visible in front of the tanks. In the distance is Burrows Junction near the humped road bridge while out of view behind me the line continues to Swansea East Dock where it served a domestic fuel depot. The skyline is filled by the steam from the cooling towers at Baglan Bay. The East Dock branch line was once parallel to a passenger route which is the track bed between the branch and main road but it closed to passenger traffic as far back as 1933. The passenger line used to terminate at Swansea Riverside station. The change of alignment in the branch opposite the wagon works turnout marks the spot where Port Tennant Junction signal box once stood. It is also the point the track changes title from the Swansea Eastern Loop line to the East Dock branch. The latters down line being lifted into the distance towards Burrows Junction but the up line being retained to serve the wagon works. This BR branch closed to freight traffic beyond the wagon works circa 1993.

1987 - This view of rapidly approaching dereliction was taken from the abandoned Swansea King's Dock Junction signal box. The group of siding rising to the left are Swansea Docks Tin Yard were some sidings were still operational on this date despite the demolition of the last remaining coal drops a few months earlier. On the right and out of use by this date is Swansea Docks Violet Sidings once used for stabling empty wagons returning to the Western Valleys coal mines. The expanse of water to the left being the King's Dock once so heavily associated with coal export. What coal was still being loaded was being done by crane from a heap on the quayside.

Swansea St Thomas railway station being demolished

English Electric Type 3 (later Class 37/0) 1,750hp Co-Co No.D6865 in BR green livery with small yellow warning panel, at Swansea (East Dock Shed), c.late 1964