Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

The Development of Swansea Docks - in Maps

Fabians Bay in 1804

Swansea Harbour 1849

Swansea Harbour 1857 - the bascule and road bridges are indicated

The map above shows Swansea Harbour as it was in 1880, with the North Dock having been completed in 1852 and the South Dock in 1859. The ‘dock in progress’ on the other side of the river is the Prince of Wales Dock, which is being constructed on the site of Fabian’s Bay. This dock was completed in 1881 and extended in 1898.

Prince of Wales Dock as completed in 1881

Prince of Wales Dock as at 1898

South Dock after the construction of the new entrance lock in 1903

Kings Dock upon completion in 1909. Below Kings Dock is the water area which would later be known as Queens Dock

Swansea Docks 1948

South Dock, Prince of Wales Dock, Kings Dock & Queens Dock in 1969