Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Swansea Docks at War

Swansea Docks played its part in the war effort during the Second World War. Some of the cargoes handled are shown below.

Loading a 22,000 lb bomb

14 of these 22,000lb bombs were shipped aboard the ss Frederick C Hicks in August 1945

Bombs in N Shed 16th June 1944

American seaplane tender U.S.S. 'Albemarle' arriving at Swansea in September, 1943

The photos below show the transfer of P47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft from the 'Empire Milner' to the U.S. auxiliary aircraft carrier 'Ganandoc' on the 16th August 1944

The three photos below show Tank Landing Ships waiting to enter the King's Dock Lock on 24th April 1944

Swansea Docks was the site for the testing of experimental tank ramps, April, 1943.

Mounting ramp to the turntable

On the turntable ready to turn

Driving down the ramp