Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History



Built on the Clyde for GWR in 1947, sold in 1972 renamed the Santa Teresa.

Glen Foam

Built in 1922 as War Arun, purchased by SW S & G in 1948, and broken up at Briton Ferry in Oct 1963.

Glen Hafod

In the background the bucket dredger David Davies.

Glen Gower in Sharpness Dry Dock

Glen Helen

Built as the Mary Aiston in 1918 and renamed the Glen Helen. Coverted to a suction dredger in 1932, scrapped in 1966.

Sand dredger 'WD 53'

Owned by Westminster Dredging. Operated in Swansea in the 1950s.

Glen Spray

Built in 1921 as the Mary Aiston I I, purchased by SW S & G in 1939 and sold in 1962. Broken up at Passage West 1964


Built in 1927 as Vivonia and purchased by Tuckers of Swansea 1950. Broken up at Passage West in June 1964.


Built by Stockton Engineering Co., Stockton. 1945. (Laid down as L.S.T.) Converted to dredger in Holland 1948. Reg. Tonnage 537.81 Triple Screw Vessel Steam & Motor Owned by Channel Sand & Ballast, Swansea (later Channel Builders Merchants) Removed from Register August 1964 and broken up. 

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