Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

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This page shows a selection of photographs of ships in the Cambrian Dry Dock.

Sir Henry Mather Jackson, BTDB  hopper, in the Cambrian Dry Dock.

Pilot boat Roger Beck in the Cambrian Dry Dock having a new funnel fitted.
George Jones 2nd from left, Emmett Malloy 4th from left.

Another view of Pilot boat Roger Beck.

Roger Beck with new funnel fitted.

Bob Scott surveying damage to the bow of the Betty.

New timber stem post fitted to a wooden light ship.

Grimsby Trawler Regal

On the Regal's bridge, George Jones & Emmett Malloy.

The Trinity House tender Warden.

Alexandra Towing Company's tug boat Alexandra.

 Hopper No. 1 in the Cambrian Dry Dock.

Recovering work boat sunk at 4 Quay Kings Dock.

Fitting a new funnel to the Trinity House tender 'Triton'
in the Prince of Wales Dock

Inspecting stern of ship in Cambrian Dry Dock.

George Jones and Mr Potter, Superintendent
 Trinity House.

Renewing the lock gates of the Cambrian Dry Dock after they collapsed in 1945.
( The new gates were of steel construction).

Sielwall in the Cambrian Dry Dock fully loaded.

Light Ship in the Cambrian Dry Dock.

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