Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

George Jones (2)


Seated L to R :- Bill Owen, Frank James, Tommy Lloyd and Will Thomas.
Standing L to R :- Ron Toulcher, Jeff Lye, Glyn Morgan, Alan Davies, Ken McColl and Albert Grey.

George Copham and Gareth Evans.

Dick Thompson ( Whacker ) and Frank Mayo.

Gwyn Nicholls, Joe Banfield and Len Vaughan.

Ray Vaughan ( driver ) and Will Longman.

The Divers Barge.

Alf Logan, Reg Stevens, Worthy Hall, Cliff Davies, Edgar ? and Billy Edmunds, all stores personnel.

Ron Davies.

Frank Cotgais, Dennis Grant and Sid Greaves.

Ernie Tovey and Cyril Allen.



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