Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Gavin John (3)

The photos on this section were taken aboard the Danish built Trawler Lucia
owned by Peter Binding of Barry. She did a lot of work for Trinity House in the
Bristol Channel and the Irish Sea. THese photos were taken in 1990 after she
had spent a week replacing damaged fuel tanks at the Smalls Lighthouse

Trawler Lucia

Swansea Dry Dock taken from inside the dock.

Swansea Dry Dock

Two ships on D Shed Wharf

Two tugs on their way down the Dock

Tugs passing D Shed Wharf

Tugs berthed top of Kings Dock

Container Crane on F Shed Wharf

Cargo Ship Jan / W

Fore deck of the Trawler Lucia


I took the attached in 1986 of Richard Bransons Virgin Atlantic Challenger when she visited Swansea.
The changes in the background may be of just as much if not of more interest than the boat, the sheds
across the river at Prince of Wales dock, no Pocketts Wharf and a clear view of Pembroke Buildings
before the flats were built.

Gavin's Photos (4)

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