Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Gareth Mills' Shipping (2)

mv Miss Aliki loading steel coils 1987

mv Bordagain loading coal on the hoist in the 60s

ss Candourity a regular trader in the1960s ( F.T. Everard )

Trinity House Lightship . Taken in 1966 She was put on station as the Helwick and after 6 years was retired to the Maritime Musem

mv Leonid Brezhnev on D Shed Wharf in 1986

The Devonia leaving the berth for the locks


Cruise Liner Armenia in 1983

mv Irini M on 4 Quay Wharf 1956

Mv Ulster Star in 1965

mv Pengly loading coal in late 50s

mv Balkan at A Shed Wharf in 1986

Looking into the hold of the mv Balkan.

mv Actuality being towed in after breaking down some time in the early 1970s

More Shipping

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