Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Gareth Mills' Old Dock Images

As well as being a keen photographer, Gareth has also accumulated a large collection of historical pictures of the docks at Swansea and Port Talbot, and some of these photographs are reproduced on the following pages.

The five pictures above are of the North Dock Swansea taken in 1934, it closed in 1930.

On the 29th November 1865 a train of 32 trucks containing around 300 tons of coal was proceeding from the Eastern Coal Depot to the South Dock at Swansea. Ahead lay the bridge which carried the Vale of Neath Railway over the lower North Dock Lock and, inexplicably, although the bridge was not in position over the river but was still open for ships to pass through, the signalman gave the all-clear for the train to proceed. Disaster was inevitable and, as can be seen from the photo on the left, the train plunged headlong into the waters of the lock, tragically killing both the engine driver and the fireman.


North Dock Basin side  of the communication passage into the North Dock.

Looking at the North Dock entrance from the basin.

ss Radstock in Weavers Basin in the early 1930s

Looking out to sea from the North Dock basin.

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