Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Brian Murphy - River Tawe

Before the completion of the River Tawe Barrage and the flooding of the river behind the Barrage, the City Council had to carry out various clearance works and repair schemes in the River Tawe. These had to be completed while the river was still tidal so that access could be gained to the river bed at low tide.

Removal of the timber jetty at Pocketts Wharf, near the entrance to the South Dock Marina, during the summer of 1992.


The crane barge being used to demolish the jetty is the former fire float “BP Firemaster” from the Queens dock. It was converted to a floating crane and used for several years by its new owners, Port Talbot Diving & Marine.

Work in progress removing structure.

Last stages of demolition.

View through the locks before flooding the river.

Remains of the brigantine '' The Raymond'', built in Sommerside Island Canada in the mid 1800s. Served in the first world war as a training ship,  re-registered in the Isle of Man and renamed the Lady Quirk.  Found to be leaking after bringing a load of China clay to Swansea. She was laid up against the river wall where she rotted away over the years.

Remains of the Lady Quirk.

Wreck at the Midland Railway drawbridge.

Bridge abutments Midland Railway draw bridge.

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