Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Brian Murphy - More Cargo Vessels

Leonid Brezhnev leaving Swansea Docks 1986

Ballygarvey alongside No.12 coal hoist 1986

Puggi heading for No.4 Quay 1988

Osprey on 'C' Shed Wharf 1988

Autoroute preparing to enter dry dock 1989

Kenmare in Kings Dock 1989

Sea Mosel departing Kings Dock Lock 1990

Russian bulk carrier on No.4 Quay 1991

Swan Hill in Kings Dock 1992

Gwardia Ludowa on 'D' Shed Wharf 1993

Lindenborg on Graigola Wharf 1993

Danica Violet approaching 'D' Shed Wharf 1994

Jambo in Kings Dock 1994

Gardwind in Kings Dock1994

Washington in Kings Dock1994

More Cargo Vessels

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