Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Missions to Seamen, Swansea - The ‘Flying Angel’

On the left, St Nicholas Church Mission to Seamen built in 1868

View of St Nicholas Church taken from a similar position, 2008

St Nicholas Church, now an art gallery. The plaque on the round wall of the building.is shown below

New Cut bridge Mission, opened in 1905

Gwyn Lewis manager of the Flying Angel Mission on the Prince of Wales Dock

Rear view of the Prince of Wales Dock Mission

Chapel of the Convoys in the Prince of Wales Dock Mission

Flying Angel Kings Dock, opened 1994

Flying Angel, Kings Dock

Plaque commemorating the opening of the Kings Dock Mission by Princess Ann on the 24th June 1994

Chapel in the Kings Dock Mission, Swansea

Games room, Kings Dock Mission

TV Lounge, Kings Dock Mission