Swansea and Port Talbot Docks History

Aerial Images of Swansea Docks - 1920s

View of the lock entrance, PoW Dock, Kings Dock & Queens Dock

Weaver & Company's flour mill, North Dock, Swansea (note - tugs and a bucket dredger in the North Dock Basin)

View of the top end of North Dock, Swansea (note the sailing ships in Upper Basin)

Kings Dock and Prince of Wales Dock, Swansea, viewed from the east (note T W Ward's ship-breaking activities on the 'Mole')

View of the eastern end of Kings Dock, with 'F' Shed in the foreground (note the sailing vessel on 'F' Shed Wharf)

A closer view of T W Ward's ship-breaking yard at the eastern end of Kings Dock

View of Kings Dock Lock showing Palmers Dry Dock under construction on the right hand side

View of the streets between the North Dock Basin and South Dock - many of the buildings shown can still be seen today

General view of Swansea Docks from the east (note the Anglo-Persian Oil Company's storage tanks in the foreground)

View of the River Tawe with the North Dock & South Dock Basin on the left and the western end of the Prince of Wales Dock on the right