Retired Section Swansea Docks


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The two photos above are of the Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter Cariad. Taken in the South Dock Swansea.

Pilot launch Benson

A photo of three pilot boats together. The Seamark, the Margam Abbey and the Benson.

Xmas aboard the Seamark.   Left to right  Mike Jones, John Morris, Alan Magrath and Andrew Moulding.

Latest pilot boat The Beaufort ( put on site with permission of Dennis Shaddick Riverneathcoasters )

Pilot Launch Beaufort

Left to right :- Brian Thomas, Andrew Moulding & Phil Jones.


Two photos above of the Beaufort under way.


The pictures below are of the Seamark on her return to Swansea. She had been used by the
Cardiff Sea Scouts and is in a bad state of repair. The Seamark Charitable Trust has acquired her
and with a grant and fund raising activities hope to restore her to her former glory.