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Pictured above is the passenger ferry ‘Oldenburg’ which operates a service between Bideford and Lundy Island. She made two trips to Swansea in the late 1990’s when she berthed at the South Dock Marina entrance. Here she is seen passing the Swansea Ferryport with the ‘Celtic Pride’ in the background

The Royal yacht ‘Britannia’ paid a visit to Swansea in 1994, and is seen here approaching the Kings Dock Lock

The Royal yacht ‘Britannia in the Kings Dock Lock, Swansea in 1994

Desmond Fitzgerald and Richard Dyer assisting with the locking-in of the Royal yacht ‘Britannia’

Royal yacht ‘Britannia’ berthed at ‘C’ Shed Wharf, Swansea in 1994

The Indian vessel ‘Vishva Parag’, heading for Swansea Docks in 1994, was listing badly and thought to be in danger of sinking. As a precaution she was beached at West Cross for an inspection of the hull, and later floated off and safely docked

Arethusa visiting Swansea
courtesy of Roger Green

View of the Stern of the Arethusa
courtesy of Roger Green

Worthing in Scherzer Passage Kings Dock

Tug Boat Chieftain and the City of Bristol in the Prince of Wales Dock 1997

Holstenau at G Shed Wharf Prince of Wales Dock

H.M.S. Exeter at B Shed Wharf Kings Dock

Glen Hafod in North Dock Basin

Dolius, Juno & Cote de Grace II at A Shed Wharf

Bernd in the Kings Dock Lock

Arco Swale leaving the Kings Dock Lock


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