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Tug ‘Brockenhurst’ leading the Blue Funnel cargo liner ‘Agapenor’ out of Swansea Docks (1950’s)


m.v. ‘Indus’ on No. 4 Quay, Swansea, in the  mid-1950’s

Ships in the Kings Dock, Swansea, in 1956. The small coaster in the foreground is the ‘Ballygilbert’, a regular visitor to the port


m.v. ‘Glassmaker’ heading for the Kings Dock Lock Entrance (1960’s)

Alexandra’s tugs assisting the Blue Funnel cargo liner ‘Dolius’ towards the lock entrance at Swansea (1960’s)

Local sand boat ‘Glen Hafod’ in Swansea Bay, with the bucket dredger ‘David Davies’ in the background. (early 1960’s)

m.v. ‘Ostfriesland’ at No. 4 Quay, Swansea, in 1962

Pictured on ‘D’ Shed Wharf is Houlder Bros. cargo liner ‘Westbury’, built by Burntisland Shipbuilding Ltd. in 1960 and broken up in 1983. To the right of the ‘Westbury’ is the m.v. ‘Halifax City’ (1960’s)

m.v. ‘Ben Bates’ departing Swansea Docks (1960’s)

m.v. ‘Clan Menzies’ berthed at ‘B’ Shed, Swansea in 1962


m.v. ‘City of Melbourne’ being manoeuvred by Alexandra’s tugs in Kings Dock, Swansea (1960’s)

Berthed at No.4 Quay is the Norwegian vessel ‘Northolt’ on charter to the Bristol City Line. The semi-portal cranes on the Mole (left) were scrapped in 1976 and ‘M’ Shed (top right) was demolished in 1981.

Educational cruise ship ‘Devonia’ leaving Swansea Docks in 1966. A former wartime troopship, the vessel was built in Glasgow in 1939

Educational cruise ship ‘Nevasa’ leaving Swansea Docks in 1967. Built in 1956, she was broken up in Taiwan in 1975

m.v. ‘Petrostranda’ in Kings Dock Lock, Swansea, in 1967

Ships on ‘C’ Shed Wharf (left) and a ship on ‘B’ Shed Wharf (right) in the early 1970’s

The stern of the Chaulk Tenacity with the sun rising over the Queens Dock.
We thank Matthew jones for sending us the photo.

m.v.’Activity’ in the pictured in the Kings Dock Lock in 1978

m.v. ‘Oilman’ departing through Kings Dock Lock Swansea (1980’s)

m.v. ‘Axionestin’ loading a cargo of steel at ‘D’ Shed Wharf, Swansea (1980’s)

Cyclops on D Shed Wharf.

m.v ‘Log Bergen’ berthed at ‘N’ Shed Wharf, Swansea (1980’s)



Pictured opposite is the Thames sailing barge ‘Hydrogen’, high and dry
 at Swansea for an inspection of the hull in 1981. Built in Rochester in 1
906, the 98 ton barge was visiting Swansea on a promotional
tour for Bells Whiskey.



The Sealink ferry ‘Felicity’ arriving to dry dock at Swansea in 1991


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