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A Shed Wharf in 1927

60 ton floating crane.

Floating crane at work.

The Bridge Inn adjacent to the main entrance to Swansea Docks.

The Cuba Hotel

 The above photos of the Cuba Hotel were submitted by Mr. Rob Rigdon, whose grandmother was the licensee of the premises for a period of many years prior to the Second World War. The Cuba, a well-known seafarers’ pub dating from the early 19th century, stood next to the Harbour Authority’s workshops and stores in Harbour Road, Swansea (see plan below). Along with the stores and workshop buildings, the Cuba Hotel was demolished in the early 1960’s.


Map showing the location of the Cuba Hotel.

Bridge Cafe opposite the entrance to Swansea Docks.

Traffic waiting on the New Cut Bridge for a train of empty wagons to pass by on the Midland Railway line.
 This line was closed in October 1960.

High level railway bridge crossing the road opposite the main dock entrance.

Removing the High level bank to make way for the new road bridge in the late 1970s. On the right is the 'Ship' Pub boarded up.

Removal of the old buildings and levelling the ground ready for the new road bridge. Top right is the 'Ship' Pub.

The Ship taken on October the 18th 2008.

Building the foundations for the new road bridge in the late 1970s.

Aerial photo of Kings Dock in the 1960s  

Aerial view Swansea Docks 1969

Prince of Wales Dock Masters House. Built in Oct 1906. Standing outside is the mechanical foreman Cliff Harvey.
Photo taken in 1966. 

K Shed canteen closed in the 60s.

Rear of K Shed canteen.

Old Traffic and General Cargo Office.

Scherzer Bridge spanning Phoenix Wharf to the Graigola Wharf.

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