Retired Section Swansea Docks


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                Hotel adjacent to the old Burrows entrance

 Looking east from the old Burrows entrance 2 new Garages

Hancock & Brown surrounded by development   

Unusual shaped building on Langdon Road

X marks the spot.

This photo was taken from the road where C Shed used to be. X marks the site where the Central Canteen stood. Although there were a number of canteens on the Dock this was the most used in the latter years. Depending on which day of the week it was you could buy anything from a complete Sunday dinner to a genuine leather coat. During General Elections the MPs for the area would make an appearance to canvas for votes. It was a meeting point for everyone who worked on the Dock, sadly it is no more.


                                    Langdon Road

View from Langdon Road across POW Dock. The construction of a new road can be seen heading east to the old Burrows entrance


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