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Dock Managers.


The last General Manager of the Swansea Harbour Trust prior to it’s acquisition by the Great Western Railway in 1923 was Mr Phillip Walter Phillips, whose full title was “General Manager of the Docks, Railways and Estate, and Statutory Harbour Master”. Mr Phillips had previously occupied the post of "Clerk's Chief Assistant", and was appointed General Manager upon the retirement of Mr. William Law c.1917.

We thank his niece, Elizabeth Richards for letting us have this picture and David Thomas for sending it to us.



H. W. Morgan. O.B.E.
1923 - 1945.
Herbert Morgan was the first Dock Manager to be appointed at Swansea when the port was taken over by the GWR in 1923. He was also the longest-serving Swansea Dock Manager, remaining in office for 22 years until his retirement in 1945.

E.V. Swallow. O.B.E. J.P.
1946 - 1948
E. V. Swallow, previously Dock Manager at Barry,
 served as Dock Manager at Swansea from 1946 to 1948 prior to being appointed Assistant Chief Docks Manager for the South Wales Ports.

W. Jeffers.
1948 - 1955

W.A.C. Morris.
1956 - 1961

E.A.C. Howells. E.R.D.
1961 - 1964

A.D. Morgan.
1964 - 1966

W.G.King, O.St.J.J. J.P .F.C.I.T.
1967 - 1980
Bill King was the second longest-serving Dock Manager at Swansea, having been appointed in 1967 and serving for 14 years until his retirement in 1980. In 1971 he was designated Docks Manager, Swansea & Port Talbot upon the retirement of the then Port Talbot Dock Manager, Mr. Sydney Evans.   

T. Wilkinson
1980 - 1987
Tom Wilkinson was appointed Port Manager, Swansea & Port Talbot in 1980, and served until his retirement in 1987.

A. R. Klinck
1987 - 1996

Ray Klinck served as Port Manager, Swansea & Port Talbot from 1987 until his retirement in 1996.


R. C. F. Williams
1996 - 2000
Previously Operations Manager (i.e. Assistant Port Manager) at Swansea & Port Talbot before being appointed Port Manager of Newport Docks. He then returned to Swansea as Dock Manager of Swansea and Port Talbot Docks in 1996. 

Colin Sheppard
2000 - 2002
Colin Sheppard was the last  Port Manager of Swansea & Port Talbot Docks. Thus ended nearly 80 years of the Port of Swansea having a Port Manager.

Note. From 1971 Port Talbot was also managed by the Swansea Manager
Before becoming Port Manager Colin was the last Port Engineer of Swansea & Port Talbot and went on to become the last Engineering Manager South Wales Ports. He left the Company in 2004.


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