Retired Section Swansea Docks


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Frank James.


Glyn Morgan and Gerald Sansom.

Ray Black, George Doig, John Doel, Tom Doel and John Fender.

Tony Chilcott and Tom Doel.

Billy Owen, Jack Taylor and Bill Lewis.

Tommy Lloyd, Jeff Lye, Frank James and Ron Toulcher.

Tommy Lloyd, Jeff Lye, Ken Hughes and Ron Toulcher.

Ron Toulcher, Billy Owens, Will Thomas, Tommy Lloyd and Frank James.

Tom Doel & John Doel.

John Doel & Merv' Delaney.

John Doel, Sid Greaves, Len Vaughan, Cliff Butt and Willy Bevan.

Len Vaughan, Con Rosser, Syd Greaves, John Doel and Tommy Deakon.

Frank James and Harry Rees.

Ken McColl, Frank James, Eddie Grange, Dennis Jones and Frank Mayo.

Brian Davies Mechanical supervisor & Ivor Lewis Electrical Supervisor switched off the water hydraulic pumps controlling the lock gates for the last time. A computerised oil hydraulic system has now been installed.

The new Marine Control Room. The lock gates, navigation lights, fog horn and the impounding pumps are all now controlled from the one desk. In the picture left to right :-Giles Rideout, ( Dock Master ), Colin Sheppard ( Docks Engineer ), Graham Green   (Electrical Engineer ), Jeff Manning ( Planning Engineer ), Ivor Lewis  Electrical Supervisor  and Gerald Sansom ( Civil Engineer ). Seated is Bevan Hulst  (Dock Master)  This photo was taken on the completion of the change over.

Retired Staff gathering outside the Harbour Office for their summer trip in the late 1970s. Included in the picture are :-
Keith Langdon, George Lloyd,  Gerry Egan, Eric Griffiths, Dick Sandry, Sam Jackson, Tommy Lloyd, Jack Charlesworth, John Watchman, Charlie Thomas, Charlie James, Billy Owen, Wally Evans, Tom O’Reiley, Len Vaughan, Danny Phillips, Ronnie Guy, Harry Rees, George Snell, Ron Davies, Teddy Otten, Mog Griffiths and Dick Jones.

Bill Lewis Mechanical Engineer retires Sept 1990.

Left to right :- Brian Davies, Paul Smith, Viv Howells, Dennis Jones, Peter Lodwig, Jeff Lye, Bill Lewis, Ivor Lewis, Cyril Randel and Phil Dorrell.





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