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SS Border Knight docked and cradled with over 4000 tons of cargo in the Prince of Wales Dry Dock in 1910.

Ocean Company's Dry Dock and private wharf viewed from the river in 1910.

Sailing ship 'Ville De Rouen', in the Ocean Dry Dock in the 1900s

 The Duke of Edinburgh Dry Dock with Palmers on the right.

mv Ann 11 in Palmers Dry Dock1989.

Esso Tyne in the Duke of Edinburgh Dry Dock in 1990.

Palmers Dry Dock.

Blue Funnel ship Ajax in Palmers Dry Dock.

This photo appeared on Face Book and was put on by Helen Clarke Odem. Her father was
the A E U shop steward (not in the photo). It was taken in the 1970s. Helen now resides in
Meriden Connecticut U S A. We thank her for allowing us to put it on our website.

Blue Funnel ships Elpenor and Dolius in dry dock.

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