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The 70 ton crane sometime in the 1920s.

This photo sent in by Vicky was taken in 1934. The dockers were discharging pit props from the Finnish Vessel 'Fredavore at Swansea Docks. Amongst those identified are Frank Maloney and his father, uncle and nephew
Will and Alf Thomas, Foremen Sam Davies and Ned Jenkins, an embryo Foreman
"Ninny" Morris, Dai Francis, Harry Richards, Walter Russ, Frank Vickery,
Will Dark, Charlie Beck, Dai Squires, Cecil Perkins, Johnnie Williams (uncle
to the Cargo Operating Superintendent Sydney Osborne), Will Bowen,
Teddy Morgan, Cyril Davies, Harry Vonk, Dai Bernard and Dai "Yank" Thomas

On the left foreman William Eames

Prince of Wales Dry Dock football team 1949.
Back row
Tommy Owen, Doug Rosser, Cyril Lamier, Emrys Crocker, Tommy Mc Pierson, John Ball and Jimmy Adams
Front Row
Chris ''Bucko'' Davies. xxxxx McDonald, George Eames. Bernard Gregory and Teddy Aymes
We thank Michael Eames for sending us this photo


The photograph above of a group of Swansea Dockers from the 1970 era, was supplied by
Peter Jones' father in law Mr. Pete Jenkins. He is fit and well and lives in sheltered housing at Pant Gwyn
Sketty. A docker from 1951 to 1977, and still talks about his working life with fond memories of the
comradeship and fun of that era. His Father was Philip Henry Jenkins a docker before WW2.
He also had a brother Tommy (Shinky) Jenkins a docks policeman for many years.

Personnel from left to right are :- Arthur Allan, Cliff  Smitham, Pete Jenkins, Billy Williams, Jack Smith,
Graham Doran (foreman). Ron Evans, Billy Davies, Tommy Kennedy, and Don Lilly.

We thank Mr. Pete Jenkins for his Photo and Peter Jones for mailing it to us.


We thank Russ Thomas for sending in this photo First left back row is his father Elwyn Thomas.

Back row second right Ken Kerslake

On a park bench at Mumbles, Albert Palmer (left) Shed Foreman, and Ned Lloyd, who worked in the
Board of Trade Office in Pier Street. One of Ned’s tasks was to check the Plimsoll Mark
on departing vessels, and would often be seen on Kings Dock Locks carrying out this task.
We would like to thank Peter Hopkins for this photograph and for the one below


1. Group of twelve, 7th from left Raymond Kennedy, 8th from left Albert Palmer (shed foreman).
Maybe you can fill in a few more names.

Photo 1

On the far left Michael Cratcheley's Grandfather

Photo 2

On the far right Ken Cratchley

Photo 3

Michael Cratchley's Grandfather on the right.

Photo 4

Michael Cratchley's Grandfather. 3 from right

Photo 5

In the centre Ken Cratchley

Photo 6

Ken Cratchley in the front.

We Thank Michael Cratchley for sending in the 6 photos above.

Dockers in the 1930s All the cranes are powered by hydraulics ( water power )

Working cargo 1945.

Loading railway engines.

Engines waiting to be loaded.

D Shed Wharf in the 1940s.

Jumbo crane in the cargo shed.

New car being loaded for export. Taken some time in the 1930s

Loading leather to the ss Samdark may 1945.

A cargo of cars waiting to be shipped ( Date not known )

70 Ton Crane loading a tank. This crane was placed on the corner of D Shed Wharf and C shed Wharf. It was unable to travel up and down the quay. When required ships had to be berthed on the end of the wharf under the working radius of the crane.


The gantry in A Shed.

Dockers loading a lorry into the hold. Date maybe sometime in the fifties

Loading coal using a breakage sheet.

Mobile crane handling tractors for export at D Shed 1954.

Loading steel railway sleepers.

Vehicles for export in the 1950s.

Discharging Zinc concentrates.


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