Retired Section Swansea Docks


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Photo of retired Dockers taken some time in the 1960s On the top of the photo is
Terry Cullen Chairman of the Dockers Club


Dockers outing circa 1958. In the background is the high level rail bridge crossing York Street.
If anyone can put names to the two photos above, please contact us on the link on the home page.
Back row 8th from the left Jack Lilley and 6th from the left Jack Thomas Front row third from the left Bobby Thomas 

Shed foreman Albert Palmer standing alongside a 45 ton Mack truck imported from the USA in 1967.
The truck was unloaded from the m.v. ‘Coventry City’ by the port’s 50 ton floating crane

13 Ton propeller for aircraft carrier H M S Hermes loaded aboard the mv Tara in 1987

Unloading steel coils from a lorry to put aboard the ship.

Two more heaves to go.

The three pictures above are Dockers loading the mv Jalakendra from Bombay.

John Harries on the platform of a crane on A shed Wharf.

Receiving coal by lorry at 4 Quay Wharf for shipping. 

Sam Burrows dock foreman.

Peter Ellery dock foreman.

Sharon, Jacqui & Ingrid.

Mike James and Jacqui.

Alan Dicataldo and Paul Smith.



On the right W Davies Chief Docks Foreman, on the left his successor John Williams.

Lesley Clarke keeping a tally on the cargo.

Graham Webster and Cyril Randall on the truck.

Robert Cutforth centre.

Slabs on D Shed Wharf.


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